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Matwork Certification


This online course teaches you to become a professional and competent Pilates method Matwork teacher. You can undertake this program anywhere and learn at your own pace.

This Matwork Course is a foundation course for you to launch your new career as a Pilates matwork instructor.  You will learn introductory to intermediate Pilates matwork exercises, Pilates method screening approaches, concepts, principles, programming and teaching strategies. At the end of the course, you will have the skills to use Pilates with individual clients and to take a Pilates matwork class in a group setting.



All course materials are provided online.

Any additional resources you choose will be additional cost. This will be at a discount student rate when you have registered in full for the Matwork course. This course is aimed at being completed over a 2 month duration, however each student will be given 6 months from their registration date to complete all components of their training. You can finish at any time within the six months. 


You may purchase at a discount, e-copy repertoire workbooks as additional resources.

Regular course cost is $1590.00



For every registration there is a 48 hour cooling off period where your enrolment fee is refundable minus a $100 administration fee. After the cooling off period the course fees are non-refundable. In extenuating circumstances the student may apply for consideration of a refund, dependent upon the stage of training they have undertaken. Management decisions will be final and binding.



Registration provides you online

  • Curriculum / theory

  • Video of all repertoire

  • Logged sheets for practical hours

Overarching subjects include​

  • Pilates Method Fundamentals:-concepts, principles, screening, posture, teaching strategies, programming and more

  • Foundation to Basic Matwork repertoire:- introductory and progressions

  • Progressive level Matwork repertoire:-regressions, progressions and variations

  • Intermediate level Matwork repertoire:-regressions, progressions and variations

You will be required to complete Practical Hours throughout your training, which will be logged for submission. Log sheets are provided. These hours will total 75 minimum and include observation and teaching practices. Assessment will be online at the completion of training. 



Half price special offer!

Until 30th June 2020 we are making this course available at 50% discount. Simply use the code EDU2050 at checkout to get your half price registration..

Click on this image to register



To register for the Online Matwork Certification click on the image below to be taken to the checkout page.

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