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Presented by Lanette Gavran

The Pilates Chairs are a favourite of Lanette’s to workout on and to teach on. She does love hard work though, and the Chairs fulfil that! The Chairs provide a conduit for a great feeling of power and control.

The Chair is often considered by some as their most challenging apparatus in the Pilates studio, perhaps because it offers the least amount of support and so many find its use to be less forgiving than other of the large Pilates apparatus options. Sometimes there seems to be little respite as the repertoire moves through exercises that continues to build challenge in every part of the body.

Programming for flow and transition on the Chairs can also require innovative thought and expertise, but don’t worry - this workshop aims to solve all of these challenges!!

When we become deeply familiar with the range of repertoire and variations, Chair programming can become the most flowing and interesting, as well as challenging and rewarding, of all the apparatus.

So in this workshop you will receive:

  • options for piecing together the common repertoire to create greater programming flow

  • practise programming possibilities that incorporate more common and some new repertoire

  • experience more advanced repertoire with an understanding of how to safely and effectively progress toward it

  • greater knowledge and appreciation of the Pilates Chair and many of its possibilities

PAA PDPS = 3 | Cost: $ 110.00 | 6 weeks access

Note: Your registration can take up to 24 hrs to process 

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