Fundamental Matwork

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This online course lets you learn about the Pilates method Matwork repertoire, concepts, principles, and programs. You can undertake this program anywhere and learn at your own pace.

You will deepen your understanding of the Matwork and learn how to apply the method to self and others with science-based understanding, skills and knowledge.

Course resources are all provided online including

  • Curriculum / theory
  • Video of repertoire

Included are:

  • The Foundations - concepts, principles, screening, posture and applications
  • Foundation to basic level Matwork repertoire
  • Progressive level Matwork repertoire
  • Intermediate level Matwork repertoire and progressions

Note that your booking may take up to 24 hours to process. You registration will be confirmed by email.

This is not formal Pilates method training. If you are looking for professional Pilates Matwork teacher training please visit PilatesITC or National Pilates Training

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