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Presented by Lisa Jackson

The relationship between our pelvis, lumbar spine and hip complex is crucial when it comes to good posture and function. This workshop is designed to take a deeper look at lumbo-pelvic rhythm and how it relates to Pilates movement. You will learn how to assess good or poor rhythm and be provided with teaching tools to help rebalance the body and increase awareness and function of the lumbopelvic/hip complex.

In this part one and essential workshop, objectives will include learning to assess the biomechanics of lumbo-pelvic rhythm and gain a deeper understanding of how the lumbar spine and hip joint are affected by the positioning of the pelvis as it relates to the sacrum and lumbar vertebrae through movement, and when in a neutral position. We will examine lumbopelvic rhythm in the Pilates environment with practical application using common Pilates repertoire and programming strategies.

We will also look at pre-Pilates and foundation exercises to assess, rebalance and re-pattern muscle recruitment strategies.

PAA PDPs = 3 


Cost: $ 150.00 | 6 weeks access

Note: Your registration will be taken by Reach Movement Health organisation if you choose to proceed. 

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