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Presented by Andrew Aroustian​ and Sally Anderson

Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) dysfunction is an extremely common issue these days. Around 15% of people suffering low back pain are found to be suffering from SIJ dysfunction. Fortunately, we can do an extraordinary amount to alleviate symptoms and bring these joints back to function, using the Pilates Method and our unique, brilliant Pilates apparatus. The SI joints are a critical linkage system between the spine, pelvis and lower limbs and as such are responsible for managing load and forces in a multitude of ways.


In this three part workshop series, objectives will include learning how to address the primary concepts of SIJ function and therefore dysfunction, and application of our unique Pilates tools, apparatus and current science-based understanding of this joint to improve it's function. We will look at how to provide relief and repair specifically in  the Pilates environment with practical application using common Pilates and pre-Pilates  repertoire and programming strategies.

Included in this program are the following 3 parts, to be achieved in this order:

Part 1 - Online study: 2-4 hours of preparation study to be completed prior to contact sessions.

Part 2 - Essential exercises workshop: Dates TBA

Part 3 - Programming and application for SIJ: Dates TBA

Stream 1/2  |  PAA PDPS = tba | Total cost: $ 132.00 | 2 weeks access to Part 1 | Parts 2 & 3 are contact sessions

Note: Your registration can take up to 24 hrs to process. You will receive confirmation of your registration by email when it is processed.

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