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Professional Development Workshops 

 With Sally Anderson & Andrew Aroustian
Singapore 6,7,8 March 2020

Sally Anderson is a leading international Pilates expert, celebrity trainer, and founder of the Australian government training centre, PilatesITC. You will see her classes and tutorials on Pilates Anytime, and articles in Pilates Style Magazine. She presents for the PMA and in past years has trained many Singapore Pilates teachers through her comprehensive programs.

Along with Sally will be her colleague and PilatesITC senior faculty trainer, Andrew Aroustian who has taught the world over in dance and Pilates, including for Pilates On Tour in 2018 and extensively for PilatesITC

Sally and Andrew will present a range of workshops and masterclasses over 6-8 March 2020 at The Moving Body Group,  46 Kim Yam Road, #01-15 The Herencia, Singapore 239351​


This Professional Development program schedule is given below. All bookings are taken online here.

Friday 6th March

Matwork Masterclass  

With: Sally Anderson 

Time:  1-2.30pm

This masterclass will focus on flow, transitions, progressions, and

advanced postural applications. 

Applying the Pilates Method: The Jumpboard for Plyometric Training

With:  Sally Anderson and Andrew Aroustian

Time:  3-6pm

Plyometric training refers to explosive exercise utilising powerful muscular contractions. The Pilates method offers a unique opportunity to train and challenge plyometric ability utilising the Jumpboard. This workshop will look at the mechanics of jumping as a plyometric activity and the integration of traditional and evolved Pilates Jumpboard exercises for plyometric training, as well as sequences for general client progressions and specific athletic training needs. Handouts will be included. 



Saturday 7th March

Reformer Masterclass 

With:  Andrew Aroustian

Time:  3.15-4.45pm

Extension and Balance: This masterclass will offer a full class programmed with repertoire selections that work with extension bias to apply for clients with pathology or conditions such as disc bulge, osteoporosis and ageing, as well as incorporating variations for falls risk clients and encouraging balance.

Reformer Masterclass 

With: Sally Anderson

Time:  5-6.30pm

Modern Posture: A full Reformer masterclass with exploration of repertoire selections to address our modern day postural needs. This will include selections for ‘tech posture’, to combat the effects of 

our everyday device use and prolonged sitting.  



Sunday 8th March

Energising Matwork Masterclass 

With:  Andrew Aroustian

Time:  8.45-10.15am

An energising session focusing on progressive challenge sequences

that provide steps toward advanced, powerful, integrated movement.

Pilates for Sacroiliac Function 

With: Andrew Aroustian

Time:  10.30am-1pm

Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) dysfunction is an extremely common issue faced by Pilates teachers these days. Around 15% of people suffering low back pain are found to be suffering from SIJ dysfunction. Fortunately, we can do an extraordinary amount to alleviate symptoms and bring these joints back to function, using the Pilates Method. This workshop will explore key concepts and applications for understanding the needs and restoring function for the SIJ, and giving teachers simple strategies and repertoire variations to use immediately with clients.  



Lunch Break:  1-2pm 


Modern Posture 

With: Sally Anderson

Time:  2-4.30pm

Modern Posture addresses the issues of our modern day lifestyles, habits and biomechanical functions, but also delves into a deeper way of creating change that goes beyond the mechanical model. This workshop will include handouts, theory and practical applications for understanding the complexities of our modern postural dysfunctions and to provide strategies, approaches and repertoire for restoring function. Included will be a handout, exercise selections and repertoire variations to apply in the studio and for everyday practice.   


The Moving Body Group

46 Kim Yam Road, #01-15 The Herencia, Singapore 239351​

Pricing and Registration


Earlybird pricing - register on or before 18th January 2020 and Regular pricing - registrations after 18/1/2020

All prices are in Australian dollars. Currently the Singapore dollar is stronger than Australian dollar so prices may show as lower than the rates below on your financial statements. Once registration is confirmed, refunds will be provided at the discretion of management and any refund granted will be minus a 20% administration fee.

Pilates Anytime_SallyA.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 12.30.14

Image courtesy of Pilates Anytime

Image courtesy of Pilates Anytime



Earlybird  $695

Regular   $825


Friday (both sessions)   ​

Earlybird  $250  /  Regular  $295​

  Saturday (both sessions)   ​

Earlybird  $90  /  Regular $110


Sunday (all sessions)   ​

Earlybird  $480  /  Regular $590



Matwork Masterclasses (1.5 hrs)

Earlybird  $40 /  Regular $55

Reformer Masterclasses (1.5 hrs)

Earlybird   $55 /  Regular $70

Workshops (2.5-3 hrs)

Earlybird  $250 / Regular $280

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